Am I allowed to complain? Tmi kinda.

Is it wrong of me to share how much it sucks being pregnant? I mean its great that I have my little one in there, and I wouldnt change that for the world but pregnancy itself sucks monkey balls. 
It may be the horomones kicking in as i'm 9weeks today but seriously.. I had diarrhea for the first 7 weeks, on top of horrible day sickness(morning sickness is such an underrated term) that felt as if i drank a bottle of vodka to my face the night before. I'm picky about what i smell and eat so its a struggle to get food in to begin with, and bam two hours later im hungry again; and if i dont eat? Thats not even an option because my stomach then turns into a painful orchestra of groans. Diarrhea and morning sickness stop by week 8 but no break yet.. Now its gas that could take out a horse, constipation and puking from couthing.. A COUGH. I feel as if i've stayed up for days in the 3rd hour of being awake and the headaches i'm getting are equivalent to being hit in the head with a bat. 
Blegh. I hope it gets better but overall i think pregnancy is a huge drag. I just want my baby.