Wow... Sensitivity training needed at my office!

Katie • Sporting Kansas City, Kansas City Royals, Kansas City Blues-- The City of Champions!
2 weeks ago we had our second miscarriage. We found out I was pregnant less than a week before we lost baby. Being the second, the Drs are now concerned that there may be a problem with one of us and are doing a lot of testing to make sure everything is okay. My swings are to be expected, fine some of the time, till I see a baby, hear someone talk about a baby or a pregnancy. 
To be better prepared, I have been eating healthy, no meds and whatever else I can do to make sure nothing I do on my end will cause another miscarriage.  Yesterday for lunch I had an organic turkey sandwich and some coworkers comment on how good the sandwich looked. I mentioned it was yummy and organic and my coworker(mother of 2 teens) said something along the line of "you can eat organic because you're childless". 
EXCUSE ME??? She outright called me CHILDLESS two weeks after I had a miscarriage! Granted she didn't know I lost a child, but still, how horrible. You don't say that to anyone at anytime in their life, who knows the reasons why or why not people do or don't have kids? You just don't go there!  
I turned around, walked out and she tried to fix how she said it by saying "I meant you don't have kids!"  Uhhh.... Still ouch. 
This goes down as one of the most insensitive not to mention discriminative  comments I've heard to date. She knows she is in the wrong and has been instructed to leave me alone for a long time (very wonderful caring boss helped with that). 
My question is- how do you react and handle comments like this? I heard punching the perpetrator is looked down upon, but boy it would feel good. I never understood how sensitive this subject could be until I experienced it myself. 
To all of you ladies and gentlemen who are grieving along with me, my heart hurts for you and I'm sending you hugs. Thank you Glow, for giving our community a place to talk, grieve and heal.