Clomid !

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Hey ladies im pretty excited my dr prescribe me clomid today I haven't started AF quite yet but when I start (im sure you all who are on it know) I'll take it cycle day 5-9 & the dr also said to baby dance every other day. & told me all the things that we both need to do. Well anyways my 'friend' who usually babysits for us when we work is like jealous like she's putting me down because she's been trying for 3 years to get pregnant (after 2 abortions & after her 3 year old was born) with several different people. Like she's so mad at me because I'm getting married this year I've been with him nearly 5 years we have a 2 year old I have a car & license & my own home. Well recently she just got back with her bd but is talking to other people im sorry for ranting but don't put me down because you can't be faithful & you collect disability for being bipolar anyways she's telling me I'm gonna damage my body & miscarry again because that's what the meds do. Like what kind of friend says this smh