Serious question very curious..

Kailah • My husband and I have been ttc since 2013. We are hoping that we become pregnant soon. Wish us luck!!
My husband and I have been having to go to a fertility center in order for us to get pregnant and find out why we haven't gotten pregnant yet. Come to find out the reason we haven't gotten pregnant is because I have irregular periods and was not ovulating after every cycle I had. I would ovulate randomly through the year. So my doctor put me on medication to start a period and once I started the period I had to take a different kind of medication on the 3rd day of my period until the 7th day of my period to make me ovulate. After I finished that medication I should ovulate a week later. Well I took an ovulation test like my doctor asked me to and it came back positive. My husband and I had intercourse like we were used to. All of this happened last Thursday. Last night and some today, I have been having cramps like menstrual cramps. Could it be that I am starting a period or what???