Hormones and friends?!

Christina • FTM due November 2! 🎀💕🌸
Help!? I'm currently in my first trimester and my hormones as many of us are shall I say raging up and down. I had a friend recently show me a picture of a pregnancy shirt that was pretty tacky and not of my taste. As a friend who prides herself on being so close to me, she would have known that it's simply not my taste. While in a laughing matter I told her it was ugly and she called me rude. For a few days we didn't speak and still haven't but she chose to take to Facebook and pretty much tell the whole world that just because I never texted her back and I made that comment over the shirt that I'm not a loyal friend and that I'm fake. Yet I'm her daughters godmother. She's hoe you say a stage 5 clinger or extremely needy type of friend who gets offended when you don't come over or text her everyday. 
I don't know what to do to remedy this situation without letting my pregnancy hormones get the best of me. I'm not looking to stay friends with her after the many other pointless dramas I've had with her but what can I tell her or do to remedy this peacefully?!