How do you ladies deal with the stress of TTC?

Ashley • 28 yrs old.Married 2.5yrs. Together 6 years. Full-Time Dental Hygienist. TTC 1st child with PCOS. TTC is much harder than we ever imagined BUT it is making us stronger as a couple.. and we have faith
I have been struggling with the stress of TTC with PCOS.. for the first several months I felt so depressed. The first of the year I decided I was going to make a change. I joined an all womens gym. I have found that exercise is my outlet. I'm noticing that it is helping relieve my stress and just giving me a better outlook on things. Not only is it helping me mentally, it is obviously benefiting me physically AND I'm hoping will help in the TTC process :) Just wondered what everyone else does to relieve the stress of TTC. Whether it's reading, yoga, video games, shopping.. what's your outlet?