Mother-in-law says it's all in my head😬😬


So I'm 4w4d pregnant and she is so happy for us... but she keeps saying that my symptoms aren't real.

The symptoms she says are not normal for my stage and are "all in my head" are:

*Lower back pain (caused by lower ligaments loosening)

*Cramps (caused by uterus expanding)

*Fatigue!!!! (like really?!?! She says that I shouldn't be taking naps because it isn't good for the baby)

*Crying spells (I've only had these today so far)

This woman has had two pregnancies and when I try and explain that the symptoms are common and tell her I've been researching them she says "Well most people in their first pregnancy just imagine those symptoms because you shouldn't have them till you're about 7 months"?!?!

This women is a nurse mind you, I just don't get it. I'm really irritated by this.. it makes me not want to tell her anything about my pregnancy.

Rant over 😬😬😬