Memory box

Alexis • Lost my sweet baby at 8 weeks 2 days. Ttc #2
So yesterday I was just having a bad day. It's been 2 weeks since I passed my baby. I just missed him/her so much. So instead of going to bed in a crappy mood, I decided to turn around a make a happy moment about my baby passing. Yes a few tears were shed but I feel so much better. I made a memory box for my pebble (the nickname my fiancé have to the baby) inside includes (in order): the pregnancy certificate, the angel certificate, the papers I got from the clinic when I found out I was pregnant , then I have a pretty white handkerchief laying over that and then I have the onsie my mom bought pebble and the the 3 pregnacy test and then a Polly bead filled heart I made for pebble when I found out she/he passed, then I have a note I wrote, a shell and a candel I set out for its memorial, and then another note saying when I see an elephant I'll think about you, for some weird reason when the baby passed I became obsessed with elephants, and then I have the first toy my mom bought the baby and then the prenatal pills I took and then I layed a tiny elephant blanket that I made over everything and the pebbles ultrasound pictures on top, I am planning on printing the week pictures I took and pictures me And fiancé took of my belly and putting it in the box too. I'm sorry this is so long but it really helped me cope a little. Thankyou guys