Sad news :(

A few months ago, my friend and neighbor discovered her husband had been cheating on her with another woman for 8 months. She promptly kicked him out and they got a divorce a couple months later. She decided that it would be good to move and start over fresh in the new year. She has 2 young sons and thought it also might be good to get new positive surroundings. She was strong in her faith and Christianity and attended church on a regular basis. She was even one of the reasons my husband and I started attending. 
This morning I received some incredibly disheartening news. I was told that yesterday she took her own life. I think to myself if I could have done anything to help. My husband and I were as supporting as we could be as neighbors especially when going through this really difficult time. I don't know what sent her over the edge, but I pray that she is a better place. I also pray that her boys can grow up knowing their mother was a kind and generous person who we will miss dearly.