Why do you wear thongs/g-strings?

I'm 19 and I decided to buy some thongs on sale because sexy underwear gives me confidence and most of mine are just lacy knickers. I got two and I wore one for the whole of today for the first time and I'm still getting used to it but I was expecting it to be a lot better? Maybe there's just a massive hype but I really didn't feel like my butt looked great (and I have a nice butt) so I wasn't crazy confident in them, I was paranoid about the hygiene aspect (I use flushable wipes when I take a dump but having something up there still felt unhygienic) they weren't that comfortable and you could see them through my jeans (all my other underwear except for period-knickers are no-VPL).

I'm just a bit disappointed but maybe it's just me?

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