Do you think it's possible?

AF was due 3/7 but started 3/3. I'm 12 dpo today. My period wasn't light but wasn't as heavy as usual and I didn't have bad cramps when usually I have to take strong pain meds. I noticed my period stopped today on the third day which is unusual because my periods normally last 5 days. I had a pregnancy test left and just couldn't stop myself from taking it (it's an addiction haha). I thought nothing of it I didn't even hold my pee or refrain from drinking water. When I picked it up to throw it away there was a very faint positive I mean so faint you have to squint. I'm trying to wait a few more days so I can take another test with FMU. The day before AF i had a little bit of spotting and that never happens. 
Anyways my question is can you have a medium/heavy period and still be pregnant?

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