Need some help

So to start off my so works 3rds 10pm-6:30am and I work 9am-7pm and I'm really considering going back to school for something other than optics where I used to go to school they offer adult Ed programs for national certification in medical assistant. Only draw back is cost kinda because I don't have my family's help but I think financial aid may help I have done the math and ultimately it would only cost about $50 a week or if my so helps me $25 for both of us. I don't know if this is such a good idea I feel like I already don't see him as much but I also feel like it would help us in the long run. He has talked about possibly changing the 2nd shift where he'd work 2pm-10pm. I feel like if he did this switch it would help us as a couple. I also feel like we should be able to last 9 months of schooling only having classes Monday Tuesday and Wednesday. What do you all think should he switch to 2nds and have more time together or tough it out on 3rds for the next 9 months with him also getting overtime on the weekends?