Just needed to get this off my chest

Well im 22 & being a stay at home wife this young isn't easy when all my friends enjoy their weekends and im sitting home . I love my man and it's been this way from the beginning i wasn't really interested in being out back then but recently I've been a bit depressed and sitting at home just makes it worse... Well yesterday i woke up got ready ..headed out around 1pm .. Ended up meeting up with a close friend We hung out literally all day. My man called me around 3 saying he was out of work early and wanted to come pick me up. I was enjoying myself so i declined and said I'll just take the bus when im ready. I knew he was pissed by the tone in his voice. But i NEVER get to enjoy myself like i did yesterday. I ended up comin home very late I'll admit that was wrong of me and He's really upset with me i got no kiss just now as he left for work.. We haven't spoke yet he was asleep when i got home.