A little concerned

I have a 4 year son he was a healthy baby :-)

2 years ago tomorrow i lost my second baby at 12weeks and 6days. Was a very turmatic experience and time for me.

Last year i went to the doctor from back/belly pain bloated found out i have Polycystic ovarian disease and that was the reason why i lost my baby and its a 99% chance i could never have kids again.. me and my sons dad have been trying for another baby for a year now but no luck :-(

I always record my periods but i totally forgot also i cant remember if i did! :/ i tracked it back to December and realised if i was due id be due on the 4th but no period has come.

Iv been sick with a really bad cold for a week now.

Yesterday my boobs got very sore and my back and belly has been so painful more than usual!! Im peeing alot more more at night time im waking up to pee and that isnt like me.

I think i have period pains but its difficult to figue out if its the pain from the disease.

I cant talk to my family about it.

Need some advice please. :-)