Testosterone treatment & Sperm Count

TtcMommyof1 • Wife to a wonderful man ❤️. Mommy to an amazing 6 year old girl 💕. Due 11/8 with a baby boy after 37m ttc💙
My husband and I have been ttc #2 for 15 months. We had our first daughter in 2011 on month 1 of ttc. In 2013 my husband started testosterone cypionate implants after he was prescribed due to low T levels (although we've since found out that he was actually in a very normal range). He had an implant done July 2013, November 2013, Feb 2014, then another January 2015 (He didn't go for a stretch of time that they said his levels were in the normal range). Today he got a sperm analysis done as requested by my OB because we haven't gotten pregnant. His sperm count came back as zero. He just had implants done last month, so they Will take 3 months to work their way out of his system, then he is discontinuing while we ttc. We go to my doctor on the 25th to figure out our next steps. Has anyone had any experience with this? Or success after such a low (or non existent) sperm count? I need some positive stories 😞