Would You Be Offended If Your Husband Told You This ?

So maybe i'm over reacting a lil but my husband has this co worker (a female) and she has such a sweet light voice on the phone , not that it has to do with anything but my husband likes voices like that and last night he asked me " who did you get your deep voice from ? " it hurt my feelings because my voice is one of my biggest insecurities, I played it off to make it seem as if it didnt bother me but actually it did because idk if he meant it or if he was just playing. You see , we joke around with each other a lot and he doesn't know im insecure about my voice and I know before when we werent together he would tell girls they " sound cute " on the phone and he has never told ME that. He calls me everyday on his lunch break and at first I was like " I don't wanna talk i'd rather text because I have a man voice" and he told me " your voice doesn't sound like a man" but still like hes never told me its " cute " either. Would you be offended or not ? 

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