Does Anyone Agree / Disagree With This Statement ?

So i'm half mexican half white. My husband is mexican. 
The only reason why I know how to speak spanish is because of my grandma if not I wouldnt speak it or understand it because my parents never spoke to us in spanish. 
Well the thing is , 
my husband and his mom and also my grandmother all want me to speak to my daughter in spanish. the thing is they say ONLY spanish and that she will " learn english when she goes to school "  um , im sorry but I DO NOT want my daughter to go to school not knowing english she will be confused ! I understand that here in America nowadays its good to speak both languages but its not like her teachers will be speaking or teaching in spanish . I'm not trying to sound racist or anything but it annoys me like I told them I will speak to her in English and they can speak to her in spanish and my grandma says my daughter will be confused if we speak to her both languages and my husband and MIL say only speak to her in spanish like um no shes MY daughter and i'm going to speak to her in english . 
So ladies , DO YOU  believe Speaking 2 different languages to a baby will confuse them ? No right ? I know someone that speaks 2 languages to their kids and their kids understand , the baby gets confused since the language is farsi but the older one hes like 5 and he understands .
Comments and experiences are welcomed 👇

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