Just a tiny rant >:o


Maybe I'm just overreacting but who cares >:o

So I invited my best friend to my baby shower a while ago and she didn't get me anything. My mom picked her up and when she got in the car she told my mom that she hadn't gotten me anything because she "didn't have any money".

I was fine with it because no one's obligated to buy any one a gift.

Well, the day I went into labor she was there the whole time for me (although I really didn't want her to be!) Anyway, later on that day when I was in labor she told my mom again that she was getting me something.

Well my son is a month old today and I still haven't gotten anything from her.

She takes care of another baby and she gets that baby stuff. My whole rant is the fact that I considered her my "best friend" and she never got me anything. No, I don't except anything but it's just really rude not to. Especially if she's always opening her mouth saying she's getting me something when she's not.

So now I just feel like cutting her out my life, yeah maybe it's extreme but it angers me alot.

There. I said it.