Tmi question, no pic!

I was just wandering from all you that are moms did your vagina liabia (inner lips) get a darker red in early pg before you got a BFP? My period was supposed to start today, it didn't, my nipples are tender to the touch, I find myself falling asleep watching tv during the after noons, and about 4 days ago I felt a pinching and pulling sensation in my lower abdomen left and right side that lasts about 2 mins for 2 days,  then today when I was shaving my lower area I notcied it was noticbly redder, like it was raw but isn't. It doesn't hurt, just really red when its usual pink? I know this isn't a clear indication of pregnancy but just wandering if any moms experienced that? I read online your inner libia lips can get darker bc of the blood flow in early pg! Any adivce would be great, sorry about the awk question.