Spreading some POSITIVITY! ❤️

Shianne • TTC Baby #1 Praying for my bundle of Joy.
My obgyn said something very interesting to me today ... He said if he were to sit 100 couples with PERFECT fertility in a room only 75% would land pregnant within the first year. That leaves another 25% with perfect fertility that just haven't had their moment yet. This may sound odd but that just encourages me ladies as it should you! I know it's hard & gets stressful at times. Sometimes we wanna throw in the towel & sometimes we just want to burst with jealousy when we see someone else get that BFP we've desperately been longing for. But just remember you may just be in that 25% but your day WILL come! You WILL get that BFP & you may just get it that day you decide to "give up" so keep pushing through & lets do this! ❤️😌