I knew I could lmao but squatting my butt off?

⚪Hula👶👶👶 • left glow for a break. I may come back as some point but for now its taking too much of my time

I've been squatting for the past couple weeks I'm doing like 70-75 squats per night. I've not noticed any muscle changes but I've lost a good inch and a half of butt as in what sticks out all round not just like squeezing 😁. I'm sad my butt isn't as big. I actually am thinking of quitting... I mentioned this to a friend today and she said I would muscle it back if I kept going.. She doesn't think I should quit.

I'm also sad that chairs arent as comfy when your butt isn't the padding of your chair. I still have a reasonable size butt but its a feature on me that I like.

What do you think? Did you lose your butt when you first started doing this and get it back?

I'm not going anonymous because because I'm sick of all the more personal posts being anonymous. So you can know about my butt haha