yaman • :)
There is this guy who lives in my house as a pg. We both fell in love with each other and spent really memorable moments together. But there are certain issues regarding our cultural practices and therefore we cannot get married. We even broke up once for that reason for a period of 4 months. We are not in a relationship officially but can't keep hands off each other. I resist myself but he is really charming and I love him a lot so always end up sleeping together. But if I ask him does he love me he responds in a no. Despite of it he behaves in a way that makes me so confused. Sleeping with a guy who doesn't even love me tears me and I m living a depressed lifestyle. I dont really know what to do. Should continue what's on or should i walk away? And if I should leave him or stop sleeping with him how should I convey it to him? He is really stubborn... Really need help.