Need advice... Please

NEED ADVICE ASAP! Please it would be very much appreciated… The guy I’m seeing called me yesterday and we talked for a little bit things went well, he called me cutie and stuff and told me that he wanted me to call him later… I texted him today saying… Here’s the convo Me: hey! idk what time it is there probably mad early just wanted to say what’s up! Hope you have a good day, call me or text me later, id love to hear from you :) Guy: Good morning !! And will do I’ll call you soon. Gotta pack and stuff cause I’m staying somewhere else tonight I didn’t respond. Me and him aren’t official or anything, I want to be but it’s too early to bring up commitment or anything right now… First thing that went through my head is that he’s probably staying the night with some girl he met, I mean he is in California. I know I shouldn’t even be upset, or thinking that way, let alone even care because he’s not my boyfriend… But I’m upset, not too sure what to do. Don’t think I’m going to text him back… Just wait for him to call…. Any thoughts? Suggestions? Wish this whole dating thing was easier… Please help me!!!