pregnant and paranoid !

I really don't know what the hell is up with me ! maybe I'm feeling a little in secure , I'm all spotty from the hormones my hair is terrible my hips have gotten wider and I'm sporting a bump ! I don't feel beautiful right now I feel awful ! my man's gone out tonight to a boxing night it doesn't end untill 1 am , he really dressed to impress and I have a horrid feeling in my tummy :/ he bathed, brushed his teeth, gelled his hair, brought new clothes, used his best spray... am I being paranoid ? I feel it's a bit much for just a boxing night ? I usually trust him 100% but something is going down in my gut ! Our sex life has gone out the window he ain't interested in me at all in that way and I suppose that makes it worse and he called me Becky the other day ! she's the administration at his work she has a partner but I dunno I'm a bit suspicious .... I feel like something sneaky is going on ..... am I just over thinking it or would you think the same ?