Breakup vent

Its about to be a week since i broke up with the most lying cheating and manipulator men i ever meet to be honest even though i miss him and going through  depression i cant wait to see what future holds for me i believed in that man i gave him my all sooo much happen in just one year of our relationship. I know god saved me since i had two miscarages with him god knew he was bad the devil i swear that man is i will nevr forgive him fo sayin " o great this fat bitch is pregant again " all over his job. The worst is i lost the baby weeks later hes a horrible man i hope god has somthing for him all the pain he caused me i thank god he open up my eyes right in time. As i clean out my closet i saw the dress i was going to wear for our one year  ani 3/26 i just wanna burn it ! Just venting as i throw out anything reminds me of him aswell all he ever gave me !!!