I finally have full custody but my husband can't cope

Amber • I`m a former model. I now am a fine art photographer. I teach one on one to photography students.
After a long 3 year battle with my x boyfriend who I had 2 children by I finally have full physical coustity. My X was physically abusive and mentally abusive. He also has a lot of money from bussiness he owns. I take care of the child my husband and I had 9 months ago. It wasn't planned but a blessing. Now he works for 8 hours and thinks his day is done. I run the house, take care of all the kids needs, run a photography bussiness as I take classes online. I work from the minute I wake up until I go to bed. 
His attitude has also changed. I asked him to go with us to the store because the kids needed some cloths ect. He replied with "I worked all day I'm not taking all these kids to the store! You can." 
?? I love him. I thought he wanted this.