I hate Google! LoL

Do you all have a love/hate relationship with Google? I do!!!!!
The more I try to educate myself the more I go crazyyy😩😩 
I am ttc and I felt like I ovulated feb27th (assumption) and yesterday I noticed a little blood when I wiped but isn't AF thank God! So I figured its a possibility of implantation which I'm excited about. All day yesterday and somewhat today I've had what I feel are symptoms, sore breast (not to bad) lower back pain, bloated! <- very
Then I noticed my underwear was wet and I was like nooo not AF but it was just clear, milky lotion like. So I'm confused!! Maybe I'm ovulating now? I'm scared if I missed my window because I thought I ovulated a week ago!! Opk don't work well for me. And I have my periods anywhere from 30-42 days apart.. Advice Plz!!