Ha Ha Ha Yeah Right

I wouldnt call this a rant but 
So my MIL told my husband today that shes putting the crib together for when we let her borrow our baby but since she doesnt like me she was telling only him like " right youre gonna let me borrow her ? " 
um NO ! ✋ youre real funny lady . 
until your daughter and yourself learn how to quit being dumbasses and try to have a relationship with me then its NOT happening . Just because hes your son doesnt mean anything , shes MY daughter so keep dreaming . Shes not going anywhere without me . and yall are lucky to see her once a week but while im there! 
I may sound messed up but im tired of them always talking behind my back , not minding their own business and acting like they will be in MY daughters life . Shes not only my husbands shes mine too, learn how to show some respect to the woman that housed your grand daughter / neice and the woman that went through an immense amount of pain to have her