Could this be a early pregnancy ??

Brittany • Happily married stay at home mother of 3
Me and my husband are trying to conceive my cycles are kinda short I'm every 24_25 days and always regular right on time my af is due March 15th but I already had pink spotting on and off for about a day and a half from Thursday night till Saturday morning I have been cramping for last 4 days almost now like slight period cramps and my cm is staying thick and creamy milk looking color and a lot more than usually this month I actually noticed the spotting I had when I checked my cm and after me and my husband had baby danced one night my husband thinks I should go ahead and test I have to have surgery this Monday March 9 cause I have to have teeth pulled one of them actually completely Broken in half so I know I have to and I know it's healthiest to have dental care so it don't affect the baby if we have actually conceived were both thinking I am we have 4 kids already and had a miscarriage last June two days after our anniversary and I just don't want that to happen again we both want one more child again and then we're done I've have also noticed I've had heartburn and I don't hardly ever get heartburn and some nausea so what do you ladies think I even told my husband I will not go Pee for at least 6 or 7 hrs so it will be like my first morning pee thanks