Anyone else hate this ? :(

I fucking hate it when we go over to his(my bf's)  parents house and my boyfriend goes into his parents room with his siblings and leaves me in the living room , while they are all laughing and talking im just sitting waiting in the living room . 
It bothers me so much ! he knows it does but he always does it then he just tells me sorry and he will literally beg me to forgive him and ask me if I want him to buy me anything (to make things better) 
I kinda feel bad because I act so moody and like a b**** to him . I understand  thats his family but it bothers me that his family doesnt like me. My bf tells me to " ignore " them um ok I dont wanna be living like that forever specially when ive done NOTHING wrong to them . He did it tonight and I told him " youre always sorry " and he was like " well its not like if you wanted to be with them anyways " well no I dont but I don't appreciate them having to go into a different room for a long time just to " talk " and his mom is so rude like she kept offering me food and I'd say no thank you and the last thing she offered me I said no thanks and she was telling my bf " she never wants anything " in a bitchy way and my bf was like " she doesnt really get hungry thats why " I dont get why he cant just ask them whats the deal with me or tell them to be nice to me