On Friday I was 6w 6d and had the day off from work, when in to take a shower/bath and I look down to see tissue floating in the tub. It was like 3 pink dime size pieces and I just stood there frozen at what to do. I wasn't have any cramping or other bleeding at the time, but I had moderate cramping the day before. I didn't even finish my shower I just called my midwife and sat there crying waiting for them to call back. My SO and I had been fighting the day before and he came home and scooped me up and we just sat there. Eventually they called back and I went in to have my hcg level drawn and my blood type to ensure I don't need rho gam. Since I've had light cramping, passed one more piece of tissue, and my morning sickness has subsided and my breast tenderness has gone away, I'm going in later today to have another hcg level drawn and I'll find out everything tomorrow while I'm working a 12 hour shift, I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to hold myself together. Could my cramping still be my uterus stretching for a healthy baby or do you think I had a miscarriage? We were going to tell my parents the news yesterday and I went and bought some baby books to give them Friday before this happened, I swear I jinxed myself.