Symptoms? Delusion?

Danielle • 33yo, first time mom and so excited for it all!! Married 10.03.2014 and we are over the moon about our Nov baby boy!
Hello all...
Ttc #1 and I feel like I trick myself into believing I have symptoms. 😣
I'm one day late.... I've had intense sore breasts and have been plain exhausted for days.  I stayed in bed all day yesterday.
 TMI?... This past week I also had two days of very light pink spotting when I wiped.  I thought it may be because I seemed to have a yeast infection for the first time in my life after a BD and that it was part of the symptoms of a yeast infection?
I started getting cramps late last night and still no show. I'm wondering if it's just period symptoms? 
Bathroom frequently and super moody! 
I tested a week ago but negative. I'm going to try and hold off testing for a few days to see if my period arrives just a little late. I seem to get my hopes up to much and then get depressed.
Any advice?.... Thoughts?