The other day. . .

My boyfriend wrote me saying he missed hanging out with the "Squad" ( GUY FRIENDS) and asked me if I wanted to hang out after he came back.But I denied. Only because I felt bad because we do hang out all the time and he doesn't hang with his friends as much because he wants to hang out with me "he says" but I don't know if he does that just to make me happy.

So. . .

I told him it was cool for him to hang out with his guys tonight and that I'll stay home probably watch a movie with my girl and do homework. And I did.

But. . .

While I was at my girl friends house watching Haunted House "The funny one". He texted me and asked if I would stay up until he got home if I could. So I called him to see what was up with his plans. He told me that he was going out of town to drive around and hang with the guys. And I was cool with that. I also asked what time he was coming home and he said before 4AM.

NOT!. . .

I quickly told him I was not going to wait up while he was out having a great time. That would be ridiculously stupid!

"I didn't say all that but. . . "

I asked him well if you want me to come can you come back at a reasonable time. He came back at me with a attitude saying well I asked you earlier if you wanted to hang after but you said no so I'm coming back when I please. So I said, "Well you asked me to stay up for you and I just wanted do know if you wanted me to be with you tonight then you would come back a reasonable time. "

But by then it was too heated and we left it as he going out and me staying home. . .

10:30 hits. . . about an hour or so w/out talking to HIM.

I just finished the movie and my friend texted me about a party. She asked if I wanted to go and I said yes! I had nothing to do no plans and really rather go out then do homework. So I thought of an outfit with my friend and I left to get dressed. I left my house around 11pm. The party started at 9PM, I get there and its all children that I work with. So I didn't do to much. Especially when my man isn't with me either.

Later in through the night.

I grabbed my things and put them in my truck, and that was about 12PM. The party was over at 1:30AM BTW. I go back in and my little sister walks up to me and ask if I could take her and her friend home. I said yes and told her to be ready by 1:20AM. Cause I don't want any traffic.

So 1:20AM HITS.

I get in the car to see that my boyfriend called me 3x. Twice at 12:29AM and one at 12:31AM. I waited to call him back due to the fact it might have gotten a little nasty on the phone. While I'm driving I wonder while he called knowing he was with his friends.

Just to check up in me?

To tell me he's home?

To tell me he wants me to come over?

Or to stop the fighting?

His phone dying and he want me to know?

Idk. But he called. . .

So as soon as I dropped my sister off I called him and it rang and went to voicemail like a normal call.

Then. I called a couple more times due to the fact he was out and because he did call me first. And I really wants to hear his voice!

So I called some more and then it started to ring then go to voicemail as if he was forwarding my calls. And I didn't like that so I called again. And the only reason I don't like that is because I think its rude to not just answer the phone and say you'll call me back and that your busy doing whatever it is.

So I call some more and then it started just going to voicemail. I really got nervous and went to his house.

His car was there.

His t.v was on in his room.

And everyone was home like usual.

On the normal days when I go over his house I tell him I'm on my way and I tell him when I'm there. Sometimes he falls asleep or goes down stairs and does hear his phone. And knocking at the door doesn't work cause the house is so big you can't hear anyone knock at the door. TRUST ME I'VE TRIED.

But. . . like I said this was normal for me.

To come over and be outside for forever and get restless then get out and go to his window.

At first:

I started with trying to yell his name at the window but that didn't work.


I tried throwing little pebbles and that seemed to work in the summer time.

Until winter set and I started throwing snowballs.

Well while waiting outside his house I THOUGHT I seen his head upstairs by his room door about to turn the lights out and go to bed.

I thought OK well me night have. . .


Have this phone die.


Not see my calls yet.



So when I seen the light go out I threw some more. And nothing happened.. So I left. I went home and cried myself to sleep thinking...

What was it?

Is it that I didn't answer?

Or What?

But I also thought WOW. if he want there why didn't his mother or brother say something to me instead of me outside their house throwing snowballs at someone window who isn't here???!

So 3 o'clock hits.

He's calling my phone calling my phone by then I'm upset and do not want to talk. After calling his phone 31x! He's telling me that I broke his window and that his mom is mad at me for doing so and that she was going to call the cops on me. BUT knowing I do this often kills me. SHE COULD HAVE OPENED THW DOOR TO TELL HE HER SON WAS NOT THERE! SHE MADE ME LOOK STUPID OUTSIDE HER SONS WINDOW NOT KNOWING HES NOT THERE AND THROWING SNOWBALLS AT HIS WINDOW and his brother too they both saw me. But they decided to text him and say I'm outside instead of just opening the door AND telling me so


I went to church that morning hoping to see him there, by him constantly texting me. But after church I seen my cousins his girl friend also my friend Ashli. We hug and say hello and then BOOM. She asked me if I knew my boyfriend was at church the whole time.

I ran out to catch him and he was already in his car about to skirt off. I stopped him and got in the car. I tried to talk and at first he didn't want to because he had his friend waiting back at his house wanting to talk to him about US! INSTEAD OF TALKING TO ME HE WANTED TO TALK TO HIM !

I began telling him everything and he understood but I wonder why he didn't answer . So I finially asked why didn't you answer?

He said, "My cousin had my phone writing lyrics, and was in the sound proof booth. His cousin also had his phone on DO NOT DISTURB for 3 HOURS!" I asked why wouldn't you check your phone after so long to see if I called or if anyone called at that matter. I said to him, " You called me, and I tried to return the call and more ;)" but you werent there and you didn't answer.

For three hours. . .

So after he tells me that I understand and let it go I know how guys can be with music it can get away from them sometimes. And I did want him to have a good time. But really not one call after 31x calling?

Anyways but I told him that I wanted my things from his house not breaking up with him cause I'm not mad at him as much as I was mad at his mother and brother.

It was made clear it was a misunderstanding and that we need better communication. And I agreed but that's what we have to work on TOGETHER.

I told him I didn't agree on how is family treated me while I was by. They knew I was outside but didn't try to open the door and tell me otherwise. I felt as if I was not acknowledge unless he was around and I didn't think that was fair because my family would never leave someone outside knowing who they are and who they are looking for like that. Never.

But I after all as said he brought my shoes and tooth brush and earphones. But not my clothes. He said he forgot them but I don't know. He then told me that I changed and that I'm crazy and Ashli made that clear for him !! Also made it clear that I was a LIAR because I didn't tell him I went out. But he didn't answer anyways so why did that matter?

It angered me and made cry because he just couldn't understand and he wasn't listening to me but to everyone else.

So he went to work till 8PM. Then has a meeting for I don't know how long? But I just need to know AM I CRAZY?