Cute (kind of) husband moment

DH was in an accident - he's alright thank goodness - but the doc put him on muscle relaxants and pain meds... The result was the following this morning about 15 mins after taking said meds: 
DH: Reese, I'm sleepy. 
Me: the doctor said you would be. Go back upstairs and sleep it off 
DH: you're a JERK FACE 
Me: 0_o why would you say that?! 
DH: because I don't wanna go myself 
Me: alright, I'll be up in a minute 
DH: but I wanna cuddle with you noooooooooowww. 
Me: ok, let's go. (Procedes to help him back up the stairs)
DH: (falls alseep the second his head hit the pillow)