Advice please

My boyfriend and I argue about a lot of things. We work together and live together. At work, we are at the same level. We are both top agents (debt collectors for Hyundai and Kia- don't hate on us for that lol). We argue sometimes because my stats are better, but he seems to be appreciated in the workplace more sometimes. At home we argue over stupid stuff, too. Today we argued over what groceries to buy. He wants meatloaf and plain baked chicken (nothing but salt and pepper), and I want real food like lemon chicken, sausage Alfredo, or chicken tortilla soup. It's dumb, I know. I just enjoy cooking and I enjoy learning to make new things, and I feel like cooking the "home cooked" foods he grew up on (thank god he hadn't asked me to cook rabbit- he grew up on that too) will be like dumbing down my taste buds and skills. We argue about everything. I ask for his opinion on something and he says he doesn't know or doesn't care, then complains about my choice. This is my 4th serious relationship and it's never been this way. I know that I am probably just being stubborn, but he is so damn stubborn, too. Sorry for the rant, I just don't know what to do sometimes.