So many pictures of Clarence!

We just had our second official ob appointment (there have been a few unscheduled ones in between) and saw another amazing midwife at Ohsu. So so happy with the time and care that our ob and the two midwives on the team have given us. Today, for visit number two, you don't usually get an ultrasound, but I told him I was really hoping my husband and I could see the baby looking like a baby and moving around and he brought it in and did one on the spot! It was amazing!!! Legs and arms and joints and fingers! It made it such a fun visit.
11 weeks today 
Turning and rolling! Also, he pointed out my bladder, the black oval to the right, being squished by baby. So THAT'S why I have to pee so much!
Leg and foot- this is my fave
Arm and elbow!
Hand! And fingers!