Itchy every night for 2 weeks straight

Tiffany • Had my first on April 9th 2015.
It has become routine now. I fall asleep from 9-11pm. Wake up to pee. Go back to bed....I am itchy. Random spots pop up all over my body of itchiness. There is no rash or anything. No bug bites. My husband sleeps in the same bed under the same covers and he is fine. I dont end up falling asleep til 3-4am. Then I wake up between 6-8am starving for breakfast...itchiness gone. What the heck is this? I use the same soap, detergent, lotion, shampoo. I had though maybe razor burn, stress, heat, dust, or pet hair the first couple nights. But now it just seems weird that it is continuous after vacuuming, dusting, rewashing sheets and blanket, soaking in an epsom salt bath, letting the hair grow on my legs so I rule out razor burn or uncomfy stubble. It is mainly legs but it ends up being back, arms, head, sides, belly, chest too. Does anyone deal with this? I am so dang sleepy. I was having issues sleeping since december off and on but this itchy thing is new and weird to me.