Breast Pump to Induce

Erin • Teacher, reader, amateur photographer, fun-lover, jokester
Hi! Has anyone tried using a breast pump to induce labor? (supposedly works along the same lines as nipple stimulation but less labor intensive, no pun intended ;) ). I've read all about how to, like stopping once a contraction starts and switching breasts, but just wondering if ppl actually did it and had it work. Seems the only cited risk is that it could cause the uterus to over-contract in some cases, which I obviously don't want if it'll hurt the baby, but I REALLY do not want to get induced. I'm 41 weeks 3 days, 0cm dilated, but cervix is soft and baby is low. I tried the pump for 10 min on each side last night and had contractions during the process and a bit this morning, but not sure if they were real ones or false labor. Anyone with past experience on this would be much appreciated!!