Bleeding between periods.

Sarah • I'm 25 years old i just got married 10/17/15 to my wonderful husband who is 36. We just bought a house too. We have been ttc for over two years now. Someday it will happen. Never losing hope. 👪💑
Well first of all were have been ttc for almost a year and a half now. No luck so far. But in Feb I was suppose to start my period on the 9 I was a week late (which is pretty normal for me) then I started to bleed it was brown and light I figured it would get heavier th's next morning but it didn't. It lasted for a week and was never heavy. I took two test both were negative. I Did go to the Dr and had my thyroid checked and had my eggs checked everything is normal. And again yesterday I started light bleeding...idk what is going on with me. Anyone ever experience this?