He doesn't understand !!

Nel • Mom of a 3 yr old and trying to have another one :)
My husband and I just moved recently to a almost 3 bedroom house, I said almost because there's a room that could be use as a guest room, I'm expecting my first baby and I believe there should be a nursery, I've been dreaming about this moment the whole time, we constantly argue about buying a new crib I think my baby deserves better when I know I have the possibility to provide it, my husband just bought a brand new TV that I don't find it as a nessecity, but he thinks buying a new crib is a waste of money?!? Things like this makes me really sad, one more thing in the room that is supposed to be my babies is being occupied by my mother in law, she's been here since November I believe she's going back to her country next month but she's planning on coming back, and I'm not very happy with this, especially when she's thinking that we are going to pay for her ticket and they're not cheap, I feel disappointed at my husband, I don't want to argue anymore it makes me very mad and I hate to feel this way because of baby... I told my husband that I want to start painting the walls for the nursery as soon as his mother leaves and his response was "a whole room for the baby"?!? I don't know what to do :(