Ready to give up..

Miranda • ♡Engaged•Biology Student•Stay At Home Mom♡
The past few weeks my fiance has been making jokes. What I mean by jokes is he's making fat jokes. I mean I'm short and chubby but now that I'm short, chubby, and am 19 weeks pregnant I'm really insecure about myself but that's not all that's going on besides the fact of all of his jokes it makes me not want to talk to him about anything and my one close friend I have/had doesn't want to talk to me because I'm pregnant (short way to say it I guess) so the one person I really have to talk to is his mom and J really don't want to talk to her about him calling me fat and stuff and tonight I just broke down, started crying, and walked off whenever he was telling his stepbrother his newest joke and when his step brother saw me crying all he said was that its just pregnancy hormones and shit. All he could say is I'm sorry. It's to the point now where his I'm sorry almost means nothing to me. I guess I just needed to get this off of my chest because I'm jot sure what to do..