No doc appt until about 10-11 weeks pregnant?! Is that ok?

I am about 6 weeks 3 days pregnant and have not seen a Dr or nurse at all yet. So today I made a first prenatal appointment and the earliest I can see the Dr of my preference is April 13th. By then I will be about 10-11 weeks if my dates are correct. Is that going to be ok? Shouldn't I be seeing someone before then to make sure everything is ok?? This is my first baby and I can't really ask anyone for advice because this pregnancy is still a secret so I'm pretty much a green horn when it comes to this baby stuff!! As far as I know, me and the baby are fine. I've been experiencing morning sickness for a couple weeks now, nausea, extra saliva (gross, I know) big and sore breasts,food cravings, frequent urination.. List goes on😩 at a different clinic I would be able to see a Dr next week for my first prenatal but I was uncertain because the Dr there is male and from what the receptionist explained, he'd be doing a pap test as well and yes i know, they're drs, they've seen some interesting "areas" but I'd rather have a female Dr do the pap. So I guess I'm just asking for some advice to ease my mind, should I be waiting that long before seeing a Dr?? I worry too much! Any advice is appreciated!! 😊