Do you still think im pregnant or miscarry??

Heather • Have 4 beautiful babies
So I found out I was pregnant from clear blue weeks test said 3+ weeks on the 26 of Feb then march 9 went to hospital with pink spotting when I got to the hospital I started bleeding did Hcg level test and it was 61,000 right on where it should have been at 6 wks 5days pregnant did ultrasound didn't see anything at all doctor said... So he sent me home with papers and left it at that called my ob told them I miscarried and they sent me in stat for Hcg level this afternoon... I completely stopped bleeding also last night which would have been 2 days after my miscarriage and I took another clear blue test today and it still saying pregnant 3+ weeks I'm so confused on what is going on and my mind is having small amount of hope but same time we don't want to get to over excited :( any help or opinions will be appreciated

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