Me and him are falling apart..

Okay.. Me and my fiancé and been together for 5 years, and I am getting to a point where I just hate having him around.  I can't stand his thought process, the way he talks, how he eats, how he stands, he always plays video games, he is always complaining about how he does everything!!!  He has a full time job, and I am a stay home mom. I do the work a home, he does the work on the road.. I'm so freaking fed up With his bitching. I'm so sick of him complaining about his hours at work, how he can never do anything, I'm so sick of him not EVER wanting to do the thing that I want to do. I'm going to the gym and I'm tryin to lose some pounds. But he wants to sit around and order out ALL the time. And if I ask him to do a simple task as to.. Pick up your dirty freaking socks, take out the trash, load your own dishes.. He just acts as if he has all this fucking work to do.. And I'm so tired of fighting with him. We both have a difference of opinion on everything! Every conversation is an argument. We just can't talk anymore.. I'm tired of feeling this way. We have two boys, and we should be happy. And I'm not happy., at all.  I feel as though he is just bringing every aspect of my life that I strive for, down.