I need to rant before I loose my shit >_<

Lauren • Army wife, mother to a beautiful lil girl, happiest ive been in a long time

I allowed my friend to move in wit me backn in August. We 've been best friends since 6th grade so naturally I trusted her... well the rules were when she moved in was to watch my 2 dogs when I travel, keep food in the fridge and buy toilet paper and paper towels. She pays NO rent. And I never asked her to... well 8 months later (and after getting a puppy that has destroyed my carpet, that shits and pisses every where and that some how IM stuck feeding and taking care of) shes literally done none of these things!!!!

Ive gone off on her bc every morning I end up stepping in dog piss or crap and finding something destroyed of MINE. I dont live like this and she leaves trash every where or piles it up on top of the trash can. So this past week shes been super sick and ive done nothing but buy her food drive her places sit at the ER wit her for 7 to 8 hours after she snaps at me bc its 12 at night and she needs me to drive her there and she woke me up so I was a bit grouchy. Ive been sick too on top of taking care of her. My 2 year old daughter my house and my two dogs!!!!

I guess my point is im just frustrated and want her and her damn dog out! Am I a horrible friend for saying this??