R I P my little one

Teri-lyn • 22 mommy to lincoln 05.11.2016 and ttc# 2 !!
 Well  as of yesterday i started bleeding. And. Was passin clots  . My hcg level was 108  took a dollar store pregnacey test at 4:00 am and the lines were fairly dark today after having and ultra sound. They werent not able to see anything i was susposed to be 6weeks and 6 days pregnant my doctor believes i had a misscarriage and is sending me for blood work in three days but as i got home took a test around 6:00 pm to night my pregnacey test. Likes where barly even there 
 RIP MY LITTLE ANGEL.  Your in heaven. Now mommy and daddy are so greatful we got the chance to create you and share  just a little time with you for ever in my thoughts :'(