Is melatonin safe for toddlers

I find it really hard to get my 2 year old to bed. She will sometimes stay up to 5 am and fights me so she doesnt have to go to sleep. Asks for her water or to watch tv anything she can do to stay awake.. I even turn everything off in the room lay with her how she wants to lay and still wont go to sleep. She constantly moves around. I have even cut out all naps for 2 months now in hopes she would be so tired she would pass out and still nothing. My mother in law told me to give her melatonin and she gave me some. They are the adult gummies i think they are 5-6 mg i have tried them for a week but only gave her half of 1 and then stopped for about 2 weeks as she got a cold and I was giving her benadryl so didnt want to over dose her and now I am scared to even give her any melatonin but went ahead and gave her a 1/4 gummy to see if that would help tonight. What are your opinions on melatonin?

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