Time to put my relationship in one topic! (long)

OK so I need some advice im 17 my partner is 20. Live with my dad and step mother while trying to find our own home, we don't have cars, my boyfriend has a job with my brother in-law, I stay at home and wash, clean etc. While everyone is at work,

So we have been together 2years 3 months now and he's just not happy, !

We have lived with my father and step mother for about 5/6 months as we are trying to find our own house down here.

For past year our relationship had been a fair bit of fighting and stuff but past 4 months, well things are bad, !

He's always angry, yelling, searing, having a go at me for no reason, he breaks things throws thingd when he angry, calls me a cunt, hell kick me and poke me which ends up in me crying or angry because of what hr does and says!

He's never happy with the things my family does, such as we might go to my mums for few days Soviets can look after my little sister and when we get back his things (face wash etc) on the bathroom sink will be moved because my step mum goes in and just wipes down the sink and mirror, not won't put his stuff back, cuz while we are away my dad likes to you sent the bath in our bathroom cuz his doesn't have a bath, anyway and when we get back my partner just gets really angry because his stuff has been moved, he gets really angry at me for no reason, and raises his voice, when we go BYOB my mums place he goes out for a night or two with his mate.

He hardly speaks to me when he's out, and he's really happy but he gets back to me and he's immediately shitty/angry,

I very rarely do thingd to piss him off, the only things I might do is turn the tap on while he's in the shower by accident! And he gets out and yells at me and swares at me and calls me a cunt, stupid etc, anyway he sits on his phone texting his mate, or sits playing games he never wants to have a nice conversation with me, he's only ever happy when he's with his mate, I'm sick of it it's not fair I'm sick of bring upset and hurt all the time?! What do I do I try everythjng to make him happy, but it doesn't work, my relationship is just fucked! We rnt loving or anything anymore I don't know what to do!!!??? Help what would u do if you were in this relationship??