Help.may be pregnant. Not sure.

Last month I got my period but it was only heavy 1 day than for 2 days there was nothing there but there was blood on the tampon. Also when I'd go to the bathroom there wouldn't be any blood. Than after it being light for 2 days it was a little brown for 2 days and than it went away. 2 weeks before thay I was feeling nausious and was so hungry all the time and eating a ton of chocolate and had bad cramps. I thought it was just cause my period but it was also just a different feeling. After my period ended the last month I've been so exhausted...I'll get really sad out of no where. I'll get nausious out of no where but won't throw up. My boobs have been sore but not to sore all month.i took 2 pregnancy tests... and they both came out negative. I'm due in 2 days fir my period but I don't feel it coming like I normally do. Can someone give me some advice on what may be going on?