It happens!

Princess Consuela Banana Hammock • Co parenting with crap bag 💙ZJS💙
Just wanted to share a happy story with anyone who is feeling low about ttc perhaps.
My best friend has endometriosis. It's really active and painful and along with the fact she smoked docs said it'd be hard to concieve. Plus her husband is overweight and also a smoker! 
Anyway, they quit smoking and they started trying after they got married because she didnt know how they'd be trying for. 3 months with sex every other day, opks and then bang! Bfp! Now they have a beautiful healthy son. 
It does happen! They know they were lucky but it still, it happened for them! :) 
Wishing you all baby dust, good luck and a h&h 9 months to the soon to be mammas!
Ps. I am ttc so i am feeling the stress too :)